1426/5000VW Phaeton, the flagship of Volkswagen, took the stage with its new face at the 2010 China Auto Show in Beijing. Volkswagen was the flagship of Volkswagen for the first time at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show. In addition to losing its competitiveness, Volkswagen was far from the new visual identity that Volkswagen launched in its new Golf, Polo and Touareg cars. Being aware of this, Volkswagen has made the new model Phaeton, the top model in its range, a new look and refreshed the car.

Introduced at the hazırlanmış Auto China 2010 özellik exhibition, the new-faced Phaeton was prepared in accordance with the new design features of Volkswagen. The new LED Volkswagen Phaeton’s LED illumination groups are also among the other changes that have been made possible by the horizontal radiator grille.

Other notable innovations in the car are the Dynamic Light Assist (camera assisted lighting system) and the integrated navigation system with Google. This system can be retrieved from Google on the map screen when requested. Volkswagen Phaeton with make-up to be sold as the 2011 model year will have two body options with a length of 5.06 meters and a length of 5.18 meters. One can choose from a turbodiesel and three gasoline engines with a power of 240 HP to 450 HP in Phaeton with make-up.


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