The reason why some cars look old is because the paint is worn out and the reason is the wrong washing of the car.

In fine weather, cleaning is essential before traveling with your loved ones in your car. So how to make a healthy cleaning?

Never wash your car with a brush. Sponge, if possible, prefer natural sponges made for this job sold in shopping centers.
Use a shampoo made to wash your hose, bucket and car. So both dirt will be removed quickly and you will pollute less water because you use buckets. Make sure that there is a water gun at the end of the hose.

Always start to wash your car from the roof, from the hood and trunk to the doors, from there to the bumper, under the door and wheels. When you go from the clean to the sponge less dirt accumulates in your car and therefore the probability of scratching your car is reduced.
After rinsing your car, the diaper will be used to make yellow cloths called synthetic chamois. Incorrect drying causes both scratches and stains on your vehicle. When you try to squeeze the synthetic liner while the natural diapers are struggling, both your hands will not hurt and they will loosen instantly when you release them.
If you take the job even more seriously and want to take a Sunday to clean your car, you need the information needed for detailed cleaning.


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