While the liter of unleaded gasoline climbed to 2.15 USD, when the holiday season was opened, motor vehicle users were reluctant to refuel their cars. But don’t be afraid, there are ways to make your gasoline last longer. Times Money magazine shows 10 ways to cut gas costs.

  1. Find the cheapest gas station for you. Get an idea of ​​the different rates in the gas stations in your city. Your friends’ preferences, the internet, or other stations on your daily route can help you.
  2. Swell your tires well. Remember, less inflated tires cause more resistance and friction than needed, and more and more gasoline.
  3. Discard excess weight. Every 50 kg excess in your car increases the fuel consumption by 2 percent. Leave the unnecessary loads you carry in your car constantly in your home.
  4. Do not race with the wind. The tools that you add to the roof or the back of your car to carry your bicycle and other loads cause more friction against the wind and you are detrimental.
  5. Turn off the air conditioner. Are you aware that you are consuming 10 percent more gasoline when your air conditioner is on? So, when you’re not too complaining about heat, open your windows instead of air conditioning.
  6. Do not exceed speed limits. The faster you go, the more gas you’ll spend.
  7. Change the oil of your car. Clean oil helps reduce the friction in the engine of your car and helps you save fuel.
  8. Be a calm driver. Do you know that sudden speed changes cause sudden changes in your pocket?
  9. Avoid bad roads. Pebble stones, asphalt broken roads, car damage to the paint, as well as the increase in fuel consumption by 30 percent.
  10. Use your car less. Although it may seem like an ordinary road, it is possible to exercise both for short distances and enjoy your pocket.


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