Car of the Year 2012, selected the best car Opel Ampera, then 23 European countries arrived in Istanbul in May for Turkey 9-10-11 Roadshow. The most important feature of Ampera during the test drives was the lower usage cost than the hybrid and mid-range diesel. Ampera, which consumes around 9 TL per 100 km, costs about half the average of mid-range diesel cars in a year.

The electric motor in the hybrid cars is activated from time to time as an auxiliary to the gasoline engine to save fuel. However, the 1.4 liter gasoline engine in Ampera only serves as a generator to charge the electric motor. In this way, it provides zero-emission driving up to 80 km and with its range-enhancing engine it manages to keep the carbon dioxide emission of electric driving up to 500 km below 40 g / km.

less emissions from hybrid cars, longer range Ampera prices in Turkey were planned as 60 950 euros in the target market. LED Ampera that Turkey will enter the market in June, daytime running lights, 16 “alloy wheels, leather seats, eight airbags, keyless recognition system, 7” color touchscreen information display and touch the center console switch, such as a range of comfort features as standard at this price will be included.

Ampera’s battery with a service interval of 15,000 km is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km, and unlike some of its competitors, it is not necessary to pay a separate price for the battery. The battery and portable charger are standard equipment without extra charge. The car can be easily recharged in a standard electrical outlet, the car’s electric rotating wheels from the first second to 370 Nm of torque is felt. Ampera, which can drive up to 160 km / h, also has 5 doors, 4 seats and 300 lt luggage volume. Opel, Ampera primarily designed for use in the city in accordance with daily use, primarily aimed at less emission and longer range. Ampera also seems to have proved its security level with five stars from Euro NCAP.


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