Although the legal regulations that facilitate the use of disabled people in our country are insufficient, some car brands are moving towards closing this gap with their campaigns. Even in projects aimed at masses such as Metrobus, in our country, where disabled people are ignored, important responsibilities are falling on automobile brands.
In addition to some luxury class manufacturers in the world, almost every brand produces automobiles specially designed for disabled people. However, these high-cost cars are sold at affordable prices through legal regulations in some countries, while in some countries they are more expensive than regular cars.

In my country, I want to talk about two brands that carry out the necessary responsibility by working for disabled people to have a more comfortable car. As is known, the Proton brand is working on social responsibility campaigns in order to obtain an important place in Turkey market. In the recent past, the ”A Proton for Each Disabled“ campaign, which was initiated in cooperation with the Positive Disability Newspaper and Proton Ulumotor, remains an important study for the disabled people to have a car. Thanks to the campaign, Proton’s disabled models find buyers at affordable prices. In addition, Proton Finance has a maturity of up to 60 months after paying 30% of the vehicle price to the disabled people who will buy cars under the campaign.

Renault is the brand that works on technical details so that disabled people can use more comfortable cars. Renault’s subsidiary, Renault Tech, provides customers with a complete range of vehicles and services to reach customers with access to transportation vehicles, enabling easy access to this segment. Renault Tech’s range of products for carriages to carry wheelchairs (Intermediate and inside the chair to fix the device), wheelchairs to the disabled person to get into the car or while driving out of the car with the convenience of the seats, disabled person to drive the car comfortably arranged and the driver’s location equipment (location of the gas and brake pedals, the steering spheres, the multifunction telekumanda), so that disabled customers can ride on the vehicle without the help of another person.

Kangoo, Logan MCV, Trafic and Master models work on this issue, the company offers a special maintenance contract for periods ranging from a few days to 6 months. In France, Renault does not only own 60% of the market, but it also offers its products in many countries in Europe. There is also an expert sales team that responds to the specific demands of people with disabilities and transportation problems in single sales or fleet sales.


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